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  • Canned Peaches Recipe

    Canned Lychee

    Canned lychee are peeled, seedless lychee in syrup. The usual ingredients are water, lychee, sugar. The creamy white flesh is juicy, smooth and delicately sweet.

  • Canned Peas

    Canned Green Peas

    Canned green peas are rich in carotenoids, which can be converted to retinal -- or vitamin A -- in your body.

  • Light soy sauce

    Light Soy Sauce

    Soy sauce , the general type that is between light and dark soy sauce, is the most basic ingredient in Chinese and Asian cooking.

  • Canned Mushrooms

    Canned Mushroom Whole

    Canned mushrooms come whole,pieces or sliced. Both varieties taste the same. Canned mushrooms can be combined with sauteed onions and jalapenos as a new and different filling for soft tacos.

Usage of Soy Sauce


Soy Sauce can be used as condiment in cooking for various foods:

· 1. To be dipped for cooked meat, poultry and seafood;

· 2. For rice, noodle and rice-noodle eating;

· 3. For soup seasoning;

· 4. To be mixed with other sauce juice;

· 5. For various dished in cooking;

· 6. For cooked dishes (to drop some on the dish surface);

· 7. For soaking meat.

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