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    Canned lychee are peeled, seedless lychee in syrup. The usual ingredients are water, lychee, sugar. The creamy white flesh is juicy, smooth and delicately sweet.

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It is the reason to enjoy canned lychee


Litcee is rich in nutrients, including glucose, sucrose, protein, fat and vitamins A, B, C, etc., and contains various nutrients such as folic acid, arginine, tryptophan, which is very beneficial to human health.Making canned lychees not only tastes sweet but also keeps them for a long time.Let’s DIY.

1.Choose fresh lychees

2.Put glass bottles for canned lychees into a steamer to sterilize at high temperature to dry the water

3.Clean the litchi core by using chopsticks to poke from big head to small head

4.Peel the litchi and rinse

5.Put half a teaspoon of salt in the water and put the lychees in it,Soak for 1-2 hours

6.Bring water to boil, add rock sugar

7.Remove the litchi in the brine and rinse it with clean water.

Add it to the pot and cook until the lychees are all floating.

8.After cooling, it can be filled and stored in the refrigerator for better taste.

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