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China's canned fruit industry has great potential for development

China's canned fruit industry has great potential for development


China's canned foods have a place in the international market with high quality products and low prices, and the export volume of products has increased year by year. The canning industry has developed a unique industrial system. As a traditional commodity, canned fruit has developed rapidly in recent years. There are not a few brands with annual sales exceeding 10 million, and even the sales of single products have exceeded 100 million.

But China's canned market has not really started. At present, the annual consumption of canned Americans is about 90 kg, about 50 kg in Western Europe, 23 kg in Japan, and only about 1 kg in China. At present, the demand for convenient, delicious, nutritious and safe health foods by domestic consumers is increasing day by day, and canned foods can meet the needs of consumers. In all canned products, the market demand for canned fruits is the largest, and the industrial development potential is huge.

Food industry analysts believe that the development potential of China's canned fruit industry is huge, but to maintain the healthy and stable development of the industry, we need to pay attention to the following issues:

First, the era of licensing shopping is coming. With the growth of consumers after the 1980s and the zeros, more and more purchases will be decided by the brand, and the influence of the brand will become more and more obvious.

Second,Preservative cognitive misunderstandings still exist. Canned food is a food that uses the least amount of additives but best preserves the original flavor of the food. But many consumers generally believe that cans are preserved by preservatives.

Third,The overall promotion of the canning industry is relatively low. A more in-depth education of consumers and the elimination of some deep-rooted misunderstandings require long-term subtle influences. Enterprises need to actively promote the advantages of the canned industry products and enhance the opportunities to become bigger and stronger.

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