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Japanese traditional seasoning wasabi

Japanese traditional seasoning wasabi


Wasabi is a commonly used seasoning in Japanese cuisine, used in dishes that use fresh fish such as sushi and sashimi. The unique choking smell is also very popular abroad.

Wasabi is a seasoning native to Japan. It is ground into roots and grated into mud. It is very suitable for consumption with soy sauce, because it has antibacterial effect on bacteria causing food poisoning, so it is very suitable for sushi and other dishes using fresh fish. In traditional Japanese cuisine, people are used to putting wasabi in the soup of soba noodles, using wasabi to enhance the umami of bonito broth, or added to eel dishes to ease the greasy taste of eel.

Wasabi is also suitable for serving with Western food, for example, as an ingredient for steak or roast beef, or as a seasoning for pasta, etc. In French dishes affected by Japanese cuisine, sauces or desserts made with fresh wasabi.

pasta wasabi

Wasabi is also widely used in the snack industry. Supermarkets and convenience stores provide a wide variety of wasabi-flavored potato chips and senbei. These foods can be purchased in a food store or supermarket in a department store, and are the best choice for gifting relatives and friends.

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