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How to make the chili sauce delicious and fragrant

How to make the chili sauce delicious and fragrant


There are two types of chili sauce: one is made with sesame oil and chili,bright red color, with a layer of sesame oil floating on it, easy to keep;the other one is made of water and chili,not easy to storage.

Red pepper, ginger, rapeseed oil, as well as ginger, cinnamon, pepper, white sugar, salt, pepper noodles, white sesame and bean drum are the ingredients that need to be prepared for making chili paste.

First rinse the red peppers and drain them, then chop the peppers into minced pieces.

Fry the ingredients well, pour the ginger and the chopped red pepper into the pot and stir well.

Add the right amount of sugar, salt and peppercorn noodles, then pour the white sesame and tempeh and stir fry, then turn off the heat after ten minutes.

Homemade chili sauce is simple and delicious, If you find it troublesome, you can buy Topson chili sauce directly.

red pepper chili sauce

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