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Introduction of canned foods

Introduction of canned foods


The earliest canned foods were made of glass bottles with cork and wire tightly plugged at the top of the bottle. At that time, it was to solve the problem that soldiers could not eat fresh food and fruits on the battlefield.

According to rumors on the market, it is wrong to use vacuum packaging or add preservatives to achieve long-term storage,in fact, canned foods go through sealed packaging instead of vacuum, and then have a strict sterilization process to achieve commercial sterility. It is essentially impossible for canned foods to use vacuum technology to prevent bacteria from multiplying.There are many foods made into can, including beverages, coffee, fruits, food, etc. Today's cans are generally easy-to-pull and easy to use.

Canned food adapts to people's taste needs because of its convenient, hygienic and easy storage characteristics.The current canned food is no longer a simple substitute when the food supply is tight.Canned food enters three meals a day, including the daily needs of vegetarian dishes, fruits, meat, seasonings, etc.Choose hangfat canned food, more secure.

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