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Production process of oyster sauce

Production process of oyster sauce


1.Acceptance of raw materials and accessories

2.After immersing the xanthan gum, grinding it with colloids and using it in a white plastic bucket for standby. Dissolve the modified starch in the appropriate amount of water according to the formula

3.Add all raw materials and additives such as water, oyster juice, salt, modified starch, white granulated sugar and so on to the boiler in a certain order, and boil to boiling for 15 minutes.

4.After sterilizing the glass bottle through the bottle washer into the steam sterilization line, then enters the inner packaging

5.Put the cooked oyster sauce through the dedicated channel that has been sterilized

6.Enter the automatic filling machine for filling, capping after filling, and enter the outer packaging

7.Put the label on the glass bottle, spray it with the date, seal it in the box, and enter the warehouse

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