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Nutritional value of canned asparagus

Nutritional value of canned asparagus


Asparagus is one of the world's top ten famous dishes and is considered to be a highly nutritious food,which contains more vitamins and trace elements than ordinary vegetables.

Canned asparagus is rich in vitamin B, vitamin A and trace elements such as folic acid, selenium, iron and zinc,but low sugar and low fat.

Canned pickled asparagus is a low-calorie and high-nutrition.There are several characteristics of best quality asparagus: fresh and straight, length within 12 ~ 16 cm, thickness within 1.2 ~ 3.8 cm, white, tight tip, no hollow, no cracking, no sediment.

Tinned asparagus is a high-grade canned vegetable. It is made from the raw materials of asparagus and is vacuum-packed and sterilized.The taste of canned asparagus mainly depends on the freshness of the raw materials asparagus . The fresher asparagus ,the taste will be better, the loss of nutrient will be less.

Tinned asparagus

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