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Oyster Sauce

Oyster Sauce


Oyster Sauce is a seasoning made from oysters. Oyster sauce is a traditional savory seasoning commonly used in Guangdong province and is also one of the largest products in sauces.

The oyster sauce tastes delicious, musk is rich, sticky and moderate, and has high nutritional value. It is also the main ingredient in the preparation of traditional Cantonese dishes such as oyster sauce mushroom with beef, stir fry green vegetables with oyster sauce and so on

Chinese Oyster Sauce is a nutritious and delicious seasoning. There are many procedures. The most important step is to boil the fresh oysters to the desired viscosity. This step is also the most time-consuming procedure. The quality of the oyster sauce should be savoury. There is another vegetarian oyster sauce made from mushrooms.

The use of oyster sauce is extremely convenient, and the seasoning range is very wide. Any salty food can be seasoned with oyster sauce. Such as noodles, mixed vegetables, boiled meat, stewed fish, soup, etc.

Oyster Flavored Sauce can be used not only separately, but also in combination with other condiments.It is also a good seasoning for pickled ingredients, which makes the unique taste of oyster sauce penetrate into the inside of the raw materials, increasing the taste and texture of the dishes.

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