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The difference of light soy sauce and dark soy sauce

The difference of light soy sauce and dark soy sauce


Most people are not aware of the difference between light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. This name is based on the habitual name of the Guangdong region. "Pumping" means extracting. Both of them are naturally brewing soy sauce.The difference between them is that light soy sauce is extracted from high-quality soybeans and flour as raw materials, and is extracted by fermentation. Dark soy sauce is to add caramel to light soy sauce,it is suitable for colorening meat.


Color: The raw color is lighter and reddish brown.

Taste: Light soy sauce is used for general cooking and tastes salty.

Uses: Light soy sauce for seasoning, because the color is light, so it is much more used when cooking or cold dishes.

Production: Light soy sauce is a kind of soy sauce. It is made from soybeans and flour as the main raw materials. It is artificially connected to the seed koji and is fermented by natural exposure. Its products are rosy in color, harmonious in taste, rich in flavor, clear and transparent, and unique in flavor.


Color: Dark soy sauce is added with caramel color, the color is very dark, and it is tan and shiny.

Taste: There is a sweet feeling after eating in your mouth.

Uses: Generally used to color food. For example, it is better to use dishes that need to be colored, such as braised.

Production: Dark soy sauce is based on light soy sauce,after drying 2~3 months more and soaking, it is dark soy sauce. Its product quality is more intense than light soy sauce.

The umami taste of mushroom soy sauce is determined by the level of nitrogen in the amino acid. Generally speaking, the higher the amino acid nitrogen, the higher the grade of soy sauce, that is, the better the quality.

It is best to add the soy sauce before the dish is cooked.Because the soy sauce is rich in amino acids, the high temperature in the pot can be avoided to destroy the amino acids, the nutritional value is destroyed, and the sugar in the soy sauce is not. Will coke and become sour.

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