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What kind of dish is suitable for oyster sauce?

What kind of dish is suitable for oyster sauce?


What is oyster sauce made of?

It is made of oysters, usually seafood seasonings.In the past, it was generally found in the cooking of seafood. In recent years, it has been slowly used as a seasoning. Many people choose oyster sauce to taste, and the taste will be more delicious.

1、In fact, it is made from dried oysters into soup, and then filtered and concentrated to make the seasoning sauce. Adding it when making ingredients can increase the color and taste of the dishes.

2、Oyster flavored sauce is a seasoning made with oysters (oysters) and salt water. Often used in Chinese and Filipino dishes.

3、Oyster sauce is usually added with MSG, and vegetarian oyster sauce made from mushrooms.

4、Now, no matter where we eat, especially at the barbecue stalls, the food they bake is open to the public. We can see that there are a lot of spices next to the grill. Without these spices, it is impossible to make food.

5、The seasoning range of oyster sauce is very wide. We can use noodles, stir-fry and boil, soup, stir-fry, etc.

What dish is suitable for oyster sauce?

1、The oyster sauce is widely used for cooking a variety of ingredients such as meat, vegetables, soy products, fungi, etc. It can also be mixed with various pastas, seafood, etc.

2、Oyster sauce is also a good seasoning for pickled ingredients, which makes the unique taste of oyster sauce penetrate into the inside of the raw materials, increasing the taste and texture of the dishes.

3、In cooking, oyster sauce can be fried, cooked, and served as a condiment for dishes.

4、When stewed meat, stewed chicken and braised duck, fish and other foods, add oyster sauce to taste, more delicious.

5、When cooking with oyster sauce, in order to ensure the scent of oyster sauce, generally do not put a strong flavor of spices such as star anise and pepper. When cooking, pay attention to the best effect of putting the oil before the pan is out. When the time is too long and the heat is too much, the flavor will be affected.

Vegan oyster sauce

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