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Characteristics of modern canned food industry

Characteristics of modern canned food industry


A: Canned food factory is built in a production area where raw materials are concentrated

The large canned food factory has its own raw material base, which facilitates the organization of raw materials according to production needs, reduces transportation costs, timely processing, improves raw    material utilization rate, and improves product yield.The American mandarine processing plants are located in Florida, which is rich in orange mandarins. Japanese asparagus canned food factories are located in Hokkaido, where the asparagus is produced.

B:Breeding and developing excellent seeds and seedlings suitable for canning processing

Japanese mandarine were introduced from Wenzhou, China 400 years ago. After long-term careful research, they have been cultivated into seedless, tightly organized, easy to split, and good color and flavor. Its canned food has become a hot commodity on the international market, and its output accounts for about 65% of the world's total canned orange food. The price is 10-15% higher than that of similar products in China.

C:The production line is gradually automated and continuous

Canned food production forms a production line with a large production volume and requires fewer workers; vigorously introduces advanced technologies such as microwave, infrared, ultrasonic, and enzyme preparations, as well as the use of new packaging materials to promote high speed, high quality, and continuous use in the canned food industry produce;The positioning of the peaches, apricots, half cut, core dig, sausage filling, slicing or stripping of the casing are all mechanically operated and are not in contact with human hands.

D:Specialized production methods

Centralized cans are then distributed to various canning factories for production. For example, Japan produces about 14.5 billion empty pipes per year, 95% of which are produced by Dongyang Dahe Hebei Haisan Can Co., Ltd., and then distributed to the national eight hundred after production. A number of canned food factories.

E:Food hygiene and food science education are increasingly being valued by people

Article 128b.10 of the US food production regulations “Hot-sterilization and low-acidity canned foods and foods” stipulates that all operators and operators must be supervised by professionals, and such operation supervisors must undergo a government-approved professional school training. And complete the prescribed course. The countries with developed canned food industry have specialized colleges, research institutes or development centers, and the proportion of engineering technology and scientific research personnel in canned food factories is relatively high.

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