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9 ways to teach you homemade canned fruit

9 ways to teach you homemade canned fruit


Do you really want to make delicious canned fruits by yourself? But don't know how to do it, or worried that the canned fruit can't be nutritious. Don't worry, here are 9 ways to make your canned fruit delicious.

1.When choosing fruits, you can choose according to your usual preference, but it is best to choose the seasonal fruit, not only the fruit is fresh but also the price is reasonable. When choosing fruits, be soft and moderate. Don't choose too soft.

2.When choosing a container for canned fruit, it is necessary to pay attention to the surface of the glass bottle without cracks, so as not to burst when cooking in the pot.

3.The selected container must be sterilized, and the bottle can be directly sterilized by boiling water, but the cooked glass bottle must be controlled to dry and then loaded into the pulp.

4.After the fruit is peeled, it is recommended to use the spoon to dig the flesh, so that the pulp at the core can be more retained and the waste of the ingredients is reduced.

5.The cut fruit is best soaked in light salt water. One can increase the sweetness of the fruit and increase the appetite. The second is to disinfect the fruit and increase the safety.

6.The prepared canned fruit (that is the pulp) should be hot-filled into the bottle and tightened to avoid contact with the air for a long time to reduce the aerobic activity, thereby increasing the preservation time of the canned fruit.

7.If you are cooking the bottled meat directly with water, it is best to place the glass cover directly on the bottle mouth, but do not tighten the bottle cap to avoid the hot air in the bottle during the cooking process, so that the bottle bursts. After cooking, tighten immediately after hot cooking. Caps to prevent cold air from entering the bottle, thus affecting the storage time.

8.When the pulp is put into the bottle, it must not be overfilled. There must be some space left in the bottle to prevent the bottle from rising.

9.Store in a refrigerator or in a cool, ventilated place. If the bottle is well sealed, it can be stored for one year without breaking.

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