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Create your own exotic breakfast with canned food

Create your own exotic breakfast with canned food


The real world always makes us tired of repeating monotonous life. How to make our life interesting and cute, we can start from breakfast. Use canned food to create an exotic breakfast that is easy to own.

Eliminate the trivial process of selecting, washing, and cutting,No need to bear the strong smell of cooking smoke when cooking,a delicious recipe for canned food, which is simple and tastes good. At the same time, the richness of canned foods allows us to easily make dishes of various nationalities, French, Russian, English, Japanese .... As long as there are recipes, a variety of vivid and exquisite exotic dishes can be easily handled.

Although it has been misunderstood by consumers to “preservatives”, the objective fact is that canned food does not need to be added any preservatives at all, and it has undergone strict checks and inspections from its raw material selection, production and processing, or every step before leaving the factory. health and safety.

At the same time, certain nutrients in canned foods are higher than those made in daily cooking. For canned fish, the sterilization process has no effect on the protein, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium and other nutrients in the fish. It can also make the fish bones soft and soft, and dissolve a lot of calcium. Therefore, the canned fish contains The amount of calcium is more than ten times higher than that of fresh fish. Similarly, the bactericidal process does not lose vitamin K in vegetables, and it can make many nutrients easily absorbed by the body, such as lycopene, which is twice as high in canned tomatoes as fresh tomatoes. To a certain extent, canned food is also one of the most nutritious foods.

At the beginning of a new day, let us enjoy a happy satisfaction with our eyes, tongue, stomach and heart with a wonderful breakfast!

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