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Hygienic standard for cannery in China

Hygienic standard for cannery in China


Tinned foods must meet the requirements of “commercial sterility”, and the hygiene requirements for canned food production are stricter than those of general food production.

Generally adopted internationally:

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice;

HACCP: Hazard Analysis  and Critical Control Point

China:GB8950-1998 Cannery Hygienic Specifications

1、Raw material procurement, transportation, storage and hygiene requirements Purchasing raw materials that meet the requirements of the national food hygiene standards or regulations. Pay attention to the use of clean containers to ship raw materials, store them in warehouses or cold storages that meet the requirements for storage of raw materials, and pay attention to drying, ventilation, insects, rats, etc., pay attention to frequent cleaning, regular disinfection, and maintain good sanitary conditions.

2、Factory design and facility hygiene requirements

The factory shall be built in an area with convenient transportation, sufficient water supply and no pollution; the plant area shall be green;

The design of the plant and facilities should be rationally arranged according to the process flow; the structure is reasonable and sturdy;

The floor and floor should be waterproof, non-slip, anti-corrosive, non-toxic, easy to flush, and well drained; the production site is sufficient for production, the production water is sufficient, and the water quality meets the requirements.

3、Personal hygiene and health requirements

Conducting health and safety education for workers' staff;

Regular health checkups (requires a health certificate), staff members must not have infectious diseases;

Maintain good personal hygiene, workers must wear overalls, work caps, work shoes, etc.

4、Hygienic requirements for can processing

Control the hygiene of all aspects of the canning process, in line with GMP and HACCP requirements

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