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Homemade tomato pasta

Homemade tomato pasta


Tomato pasta is a full-colored dish, mainly with tomato sauce. It's a bit of a hassle to make, but it's delicious and it's extremely nutritious. So let’s go!


Pasta, tomato, tomato sauce, minced meat, onion, salt, black pepper,cooking oil, butter, cooking wine and starch

Cooking steps:

1、put paste into the pot after water boiling,add salt,and cook for 8-10mins according to the instruction of packaging;

2、Add salt,cooking wine and starch into minced meat, peel the tomatoes and cut into small pieces,and dice the onions;

3、Remove the cooked noodle and mix with oliver oil for later use;

4、Melt butter in pan,put onions and tomatoes, stir fry 2mins;

5、Pour in tomato ketchup and continue to stir in;

6、Add pasta and stir-fry together, add a little black pepper to the pan, then this is done.

tomato sauce

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