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What is light soy sauce

What is light soy sauce


What is light soy sauce

Light soy sauce is a kind of soy sauce. It uses soybean and flour as the main raw materials. It is artificially inserted into the seed koji, and exposed to natural fermentation.Light soy sauce is used for general cooking and tastes salty.Which is mainly used for seasoning, and the color is light, so it is used more in general cooking or cold dishes.It is extracted after fermentation and maturity,the color is light and mellow, the sauce is rich and delicious.

How to distinguish if it is light soy sauce


You can pour the soy sauce into a white porcelain plate and shake the color. The light soy sauce is reddish brown, while the old soy sauce is tan and shiny.


Light soy tastes less salty; old soy tastes a little sweet after eating.

3、Production Method

Light soy sauce is made from high-quality soybeans and flour, which are fermented and matured. The dark soy is a thick soy sauce made by adding special caramel to the raw soy sauce.


(1)Light soy sauce is used for seasoning. Because it is light in color, it is often used for general cooking or cold dishes;

(2)Dark soy sauce is generally used for coloring food. It is generally better to use for cooking dishes such as braised pork. It is suitable for braised pork, braised food and cooking dark dishes.

superior dark soy sauce

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