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How to choose a good soy sauce?

How to choose a good soy sauce?


There are thousands of soy sauces on the market,what are the good soy sauces?The following points from label can help you to buy the best quality of soy sauce.

①Raw materials:

Soybeans or defatted soybeans, wheat or bran, the source of raw materials can be found on the ingredients list.If it is natural non-GMO soybeans, the gluten free soy sauce is better.

②Brewing method:

Soy sauce is generally divided into two types of high-salt and low-salt solid brewing methods. High salt and thin state is a traditional brewing process, which takes a long time and tastes good. The low-salt solid soy sauce uses a rapid brewing method and the taste is not good enough.

③Soy sauce grade:

Mainly from the content of amino acids, brewed soy sauce is divided into special grade, first grade, second grade and third grade according to its amino acid nitrogen content. Generally, the content of amino acid nitrogen per 100 ml of soy sauce is not less than 0.8 g, which is super soy sauce. The not less than 0.7 g is the first grade soy sauce, the not less than 0.55 g is the second grade soy sauce, and the not less than 0.4 g is the third grade. soy sauce.


Generally speaking, good soy sauce will not add any preservatives and caramel color (the preservatives in general soy sauce is potassium sorbate).If there is no sodium glutamate (MSG) in the ingredients, it is even better!

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