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Soy sauce fried rice

Soy sauce fried rice


Today, I will share with you a soy sauce fried rice, saving time, delicious, lazy essential.

The required materials: a bowl of rice, a spoonful of soy sauce, a ham, some peas & corn kernels, a half a spoon of salt, a half a spoonful of pepper powder.

1.Cut ham into diced, peas & corn kernels are cooked in the water, and taken out for use;

no preservative soy sauce

2.Put a spoonful of soy sauce in the rice and mix well;

gluten free soy sauce

3.Pour the oil in a pan, add ham, peas, corn kernels, stir fry evenly;

4.Pour in the rice, stir fry evenly, add salt and pepper powder and stir well to serve.

Is it tempting? The condiments can be adjusted according to your own taste. It is really super delicious.

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