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Spring Festival, let the world feel Chinese culture

Spring Festival, let the world feel Chinese culture


The Spring Festival is an ancient festival in China, and it is also the most important festival throughout the year. How to celebrate this festival, in the history of thousands of years, has formed some relatively fixed customs, many of which have been passed down to this day.

The Spring Festival culture is blooming in the world, bringing different life and cultural interests to foreigners. Drink a bowl of Laba porridge and experience "After Laba is the year";Wear a red coat and look for a bright and colorful head;Visit a temple fair and feel the lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.Constantly “going out”of the Spring Festival culture brings unique scenery to the world ’s festival culture; enjoying Chinese culture in “being there” also opens a window for people of all countries to observe and feel China.

More and more foreigners are attracted by Chinese traditional customs, and they are also touched by the values and spiritual pursuits conveyed by Chinese culture.Spring festival couplets, window flowers, firecrackers, New Year's Eve, observing New Year's wine, and giving gifts to the New Year. These customs with a strong sense of ceremony convey the Chinese people's desire for a better life, their insistence on family values, and their pursuit of reunion and sharing.

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