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How is tomato paste made in factory

How is tomato paste made in factory


Tomato paste first appeared in the 19th century and was invented by the Chinese,which is made from fresh tomatoes and often used as a culinary condiment for foods such as fish and meat. It is a seasoning that enhances color, adds acid, helps freshness, and is fragrant.

Now I will give you a brief introduction on how to make tomato sauce in the factory.

1production material

The raw materials are of course delicious tomatoes. Farmers gather the harvested tomatoes together and sell them to the factory.

Tomatoes are placed in a sealed container at the bottom and around. Workers turn on the tap and remove the baffle. At this time, driven by water, tomatoes and water enter the next process happily ~

2、Clean up tomatoes

Removal of impurities by shaking using a meshed assembly line.

Using a meshed assembly line, impurities are removed by shaking.

Add belts on the assembly line to reduce the impact of small tomatoes and make the small tomatoes flow into the next process steadily.

After the cleaning is completed, the workers will pick out the bad tomatoes in time to avoid going to the next process.

2、After the tomatoes are cleaned, it's time to make the sauce.A variety of comminuted mixing equipment can be used, and the machine will automatically filter out coarse and hard substances such as tomato skin and seeds.

4、Put sauce in a jar,after packed, then sealed and finished.

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