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The history of canned food

The history of canned food


What is canned food? In our daily lives, in order to prolong the preservation period of food, smart humans have come up with many ways, such as smoking, sun, salting, etc. for thousands of years. The tanking technology is undoubtedly the youngest, starting in 1810 and about 200 years.

In 1809, the world trade flourished. The seafarers who lived on the ship for a long time were sick because they could not eat fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods. How to do it? The French government of Napoleon used a huge bonus of 12,000 francs to solicit a long-term method of storing food.

Many people have invested in research activities in order to win prizes. Among them, the Frenchman Apel, who runs candied food, worked as a worker in a sauerkraut factory, a winery, a candy store and a restaurant, and later became a chef.He stumbled upon the fact that the food sealed in the glass container was not easily deteriorated if properly heated, and he was greatly inspired. As a result, Apel responded to the government's reward and conducted a special study on the methods of food preservation.

After ten years of hard research, he finally succeeded in 1804. His method is: the food is processed well, and then placed in a jar, all placed in a boiling water pot, heated for 30 to 60 minutes, then hot with a cork stopper, and then line-reinforced or sealed with wax. This method can preserve food for a long time without rot and deterioration.In this way, the earliest cans appeared.

Shortly after the advent of Apel's glass cans, the Englishman Peter Durant made canned tinplate and obtained a patent in the UK. At the beginning of the 19th century, canned technology was passed to the United States, and canned factories appeared in Boston and New York. In 1849, American Henry Evans opened a cannery. In 1862, the French biologist Pasteur published a paper stating that the main cause of food spoilage was the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. As a result, the cannery uses steam sterilization technology to bring canned foods to absolute sterility standards.

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