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Types of condiments

Types of condiments


If you want to cook a delicious dish, you must have seasonings. If you can skillfully use all kinds of seasonings, it will definitely bring endless delicious enjoyment.

China has a long history and rich knowledge in the development and consumption of condiments. There are many types of condiments, including traditional condiments from the East, as well as imported condiments and emerging condiments.

Different condiments can be classified from different angles. According to the local flavor, there are Cantonese-style , Sichuan-style, Hong Kong-style , Western-style seasoning, etc .;According to cooking purposes, there are special seasonings for cold dishes, barbecue seasonings, fried seasonings, and steamed seasonings.

According to the nature of condiment products, it can be divided into brewing (soy sauce, vinegar, tempeh, etc.), pickled vegetables (mustard, pickled ginger, hot pepper, etc.), fresh vegetables (scallion, garlic, ginger, hot pepper, etc.), dry goods (Pepper, pepper, star anise, etc.), aquatic products (fish sauce, shrimp paste, oyster sauce, etc.), other categories (salt, MSG, sugar, etc.).

According to the shape of the finished condiment, it can be divided into sauces (shacha sauce, soy pepper sauce, XO sauce, etc.), soy sauces (soy sauce king, fresh shrimp oil, straw mushrooms, etc.), juices (barbecue sauce, brine juice, OK juice, etc.), flavor powders (pepper powder, ginger powder, chicken powder, etc.), solid types (granulated sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, tempeh, etc.)

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