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What is dark soy sauce

What is dark soy sauce


Dark soy sauce is a thick-colored soy sauce made by adding caramel on the basis of light soy, which is suitable for meat color enhancement. It is a must-have condiment in cooking. Its color is red and strong, and the taste is salty and sweet. It is an ideal helper for coloring and flavoring of various fragrant dishes.

Features of dark soy sauce

1、Color: added caramel, dark in color, and is tan and shiny

2、Taste: tastes delicious and slightly sweet after eating

3、Uses: Generally used to color food. For example, it is better to make dishes such as braised pork.

4、Production: dark soy sauce is based on the light soy sauce, the pressed soy sauce is dried for another 2 to 3 months, and filtered through precipitation. Its product quality is more intense than light soy sauce.

superior dark soy sauce

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