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What is oyster sauce made of

What is oyster sauce made of


Oyster sauce is a seasoning made with oysters. Oyster sauce is a widely used and convenient seasoning, and it is also one of the largest products in sauces.

Oyster sauce is delicious, rich in oyster flavor, and moderately thick. It is suitable for noodles, vegetables, boiled meat, fish stew, or soup.

As a traditional umami seasoning commonly used in Guangdong, oyster sauce is the main ingredient for preparing traditional Cantonese dishes such as oyster sauce with fresh mushroom beef, oyster sauce green vegetables, and oyster noodles.

Benefits of oyster sauce

1 Oyster sauce is rich in trace elements and a variety of amino acids. It can be used to supplement various amino acids and trace elements. Among them, it is mainly rich in zinc. It is the first choice for zinc deficiency people

2 There are 22 kinds of amino acids in oyster sauce, and the content of various amino acids is balanced. Among them, the glutamic acid content is half of the total, so the taste of oyster flavored sauce is delicious

3 Oyster sauce is rich in taurine which has various health functions such as anti-cancer, anti-cancer, and enhancement of human immunity.

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