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What is the difference between tomato paste,tomat ketchup and tomato sauce

What is the difference between tomato paste,tomat ketchup and tomato sauce


The lycopene, which is rich in tomatoes, is a very good antioxidant. It is good for protecting the skin, heart and stomach. The food that is often eaten with tomato or cooked with tomato sauce has many health benefits.Tomato products, which are often used in cooking, are commonly referred to as "ketchup", which includes tomato paste, ketchup, and tomato sauce. What is the difference between them?


A tomato-like concentrated product, usually in canned iron.

Tomato paste is made from mature red tomatoes by crushing, beating, removing skin and seeds, through concentrating, sterilizing and canning. It can not be eaten directly, generally used to cook food, add color and tomato flavor to food.


It is made from tomato ad raw matrail,fried in salad oil with sugar and salt. It is sweet and sour and delicious. It is basically faithful to tomato flavor.

Ketchup is usually used for tableware, such as fries, salads, burgers, etc.


It is a sauce made from tomatoes as a main ingredient supplemented with various other seasonings. Tomato sauce has a variety of flavors, the most common are garlic flavor, sweet pepper flavor, chili flavor, seafood flavor... Generally, tomato sauce is commonly used as a seasoning when making pasta and other foods.

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