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Teach you how to distinguish brewed soy sauce and blended soy sauce

Teach you how to distinguish brewed soy sauce and blended soy sauce


Soy sauce is divided into brewing soy sauce and blended soy sauce. The national regulations for blended soy sauce should be based on brewing soy sauce, and the ratio should be no less than 50%.Since it takes 3 months to half a year to brew soy sauce, it takes only 8 to 10 hours to prepare soy sauce.In order to pursue economic benefits, many manufacturers make preparedn soy sauce . So how do you distinguish between brewing soy sauce and preparing soy sauce? How to buy good quality soy sauce?

1、The most important indicator of the difference between the two is the amino acid nitrogen content.

The amino acid nitrogen content of brewed soy sauce is generally high.Amino acid nitrogen refers to the content of nitrogen element in the form of an amino acid. The higher the indicator, the higher the amino acid content in the gluten free soy sauce and the better the umami taste.

2、Shake the soy sauce bottle, brewing the soy sauce foam is relatively uniform in size and not easy to disperse; the other’s foam is not the same size and is easy to disperse.

3、The brewed soy sauce has a strong sauce and no other odor; the blended soy sauce needs to be shaken and then smelled, the smell is not brewed with soy sauce, and the sauce is not enough.

4、After shaking the soy sauce bottle, the brewing soy sauce has good wall hanging property, staying on the inner wall of the soy sauce bottle for a long time, and the inner wall is easy to color.The blended soy sauce has poor wall hanging property and poor coloring power.

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